Zeroconf NetServices - A Zeroconfig Library for .NET

Zeroconfig is a protocol used for the automatic discovery of services on a network. It has recently be popularised by Apple, who have renamed it Bonjour (previously Rendezvous).

Zeroconf NetServices is a .NET library that delivers .NET (c++, c#, Visual Basic, etc) developers with an easy to use API for discovering and publishing Zeroconf services and domains.

How Zeroconf NetServices works

Zeroconf NetServices is simply a wrapper around Apple's mDNS Windows library (DNS-SD, or dnssd.dll) which provides two .NET classes, very similar to Cocoa's NSNetService and NSNetServiceBrowser


You can find online documentation for Zeroconf NetServices here (autogenerated from comments). However, if you are familiar with Cocoa's NSNetServices (NSNetService and NSNetServiceBrowser).

The library is also documented using .NET's XML inline documentation, so you can get documentation through your faviourate editor, class browser or class reflection.

The downloads also include two sample programs: A browser and a publisher that show you how to browser for services and publish services.

What other options are available

There exists, from Apple, an official DNS-SD.NET Assembly. However, it's a pain to get building on .NET 2.0, it is poorly documented and it is slightly lower level than this Zeroconf NetServices. Zeroconf NetServices lets you get going right away. You can download binary packages that should "just work". No stuff around fixing up build problems and trying to figure out the API.


You need the following:

Download Now:

You can download the latest version (0.1.0 - 26 July, 2007) here:

Author and Contact

All this stuff is Copyright (c) 2007 by David Hammerton. You can contact him here.

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