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Welcome to my iTunes stuff website, here you will find various things relating to iTunes hacking that I have written.

Last updated:March 5, 2005.

Apple Lossless Audio Codec: I've just finished reverse engineering ALAC. I have written a clean decoder which fairly simply describes the file and compression specification. Check it out! (See the ALAC link below).

iTunes 4.6: iTunes 4.6 Has been released. It seems to work just fine with libopendaap and TunesBrowser. However, Apple have included a very cool feature to enable playing to remote hardware over their new AitTunes system. This appears to enable iTunes to push music up to a remote host. So you could control another systems music being played through iTunes. Once I can get my hands on an AirPort Express device, I'll start reversing it to take advantage of this stuff. Although I don't expect that to happen soon, given lack of available funds :\.

iTunes 4.5: iTunes 4.5 uses a new authentication algorithm. However, not even 24 hours after I downloaded it, and that includes a little sleep and lots of uni time, I've broken it. Hah. Anyhow, libopendaap 0.2.0 and tunesbrowser 0.1.4 are now available.

<crazney> brb have to shut chooks in.
<Fryboy> "I have just deconstructed the encryption protocol designed by Apple's finest enginee..ah fuck the chicken has escaped"

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